Kids Against Hunger

4, 12, 60? It doesn’t matter how old you are to want to volunteer! Project PEARLS proved just that as 48 volunteers from all over the Bay gathered in Pleasanton this past Saturday.


PEARLS collaborated with Kids Against Hunger‘s Pleasanton chapter to pack meals for our children in the Philippines. Each meal packet contain the right amount of nutrients and vitamins– perfect for our loves that are malnourished from the harsh slum environment. Not only are they healthy, they are pretty tasty too!

DSC01149 DSC01261 DSC01320

Many of our volunteers didn’t know each other prior to Saturday thus seeing a group of strangers become friends by working together for such a great cause was beautiful.

DSC01181 DSC01203

DSC01242 DSC01224 DSC01146 DSC01144 DSC01133 DSC01274 DSC01292

You know what’s more beautiful? Their teamwork = 8,424 meals packed!


Thank you to everyone for putting their hands together for our Project PEARLS children! And thank you to Kids Against Hunger for having part of your cause!

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. To read more about Kids Against Hunger, click here

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