Essentials: Pow! Wow! Hawaii!

After 2 years of saving up, tomorrow is the day Christopher and I finally take-off for Pow!Wow!Hawaii! No words can describe how ecstatic I am to be surrounded by all these artists and inspirational vibes while in paradise. Ah!!!!

But before we get into that (considering the trip hasn’t even started yet)…. Here are my Pow!Wow! essentials:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

written from top, left to right

My Everything Notebook
This Bay Area stickered-up notebook is home to all my rough drafts, miscellaneous thoughts, possible plans, notes, and everything Empire.

Sony a6000
How else will I blog for you lovelies! The Sony a6000 is a mirror-less camera with the simplicity, size, and ease of a point-and-shoot but with the quality of other DSLRs.

Two Extra Camera Batteries
We waited two years for this trip! Need to be extra prepared to capture Pow!Wow!Hawaii! and the beauty of Hawaii itself.

Fuji Instax Mini 90
I want to bring along this film camera to photograph the landscapes softly

Leaves Five-Panel
Putting our Spring/Summer collection on a test-run. Is this me teasing you? Yes, yes it is.

Benny Gold’s Roll Bag
I highly recommend this roll bag to other creative minds. The leather strap that wraps is embossed with the reminder that Knowledge is Golden. And within the bag itself are compartments perfect for different media– from micropens, paint brushes, to fat Sharpies (that’s in mine at least.)

Pow! Wow! Hawaii! Tee
Gotta represent what brought us to Hawaii! Christopher actually bought our t-shirts for Christmas (thanks, Christopher!)

Round tortoise-printed glasses to go with errthang

Wooden Earrings
The middle pair are my long-time favorite earrings: Cukui fish-hooks!
What are the other two pairs? I’m teasing you again. All I can say is that although I designed them, the lovely Vanessa of Aumakua Treasures brought them to life. Stay tuned while I test them out in Hawaii.

High-Wasted Shorts
I asked one of my friends if I should bring more pants or shorts since it’s a cloudy and rainy week. “Shorts everyday!” was the response. Welp!

Nike Benassi JDI Print
If I could, I would wear these slip-ons everyday. They’ve been neglected lately because of the Bay’s type of rain so I’m excited I can bring them out for the islands.

Now to finish packing everything else…

– ChiChai@Empire

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