Mission I’m Possible

My alarm went off at 7am last Sunday, waking me up nervously for the day to come. I texted Sam@Empire right away asking, “Is this really happening?” She messaged me back, “It’s happening!” and I knew I had to get ready. There was no backing out. And despite the soreness two days later,  I’m happy I didn’t.

Many of you know that I’m part of Project PEARLS— a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of Manila’s impoverished children. Although I work to help the community back in the homeland, quite frankly, I don’t do enough for our poverty-stricken brothers and sisters in my own residing country. Then came Sunday.

Sam began running with Mission I’m Possible a few months ago, a worldwide movement of selfless people who celebrate fitness and fashion while using “running as a platform to serve” the community. I’ve been fan-girling MIP for a while now but if it weren’t for my right-hand-womyn being my constant push, I wouldn’t have joined these lovelies who appreciatively use the world as their RUNway.

When the clock struck 8, Sam, our new friend Kobe, and I left to join the MIP Sacramento chapter to be welcomed by even more new friends and MIP Love Bags

tumblr_nj6iqsr2LJ1qzbo31o6_1280 tumblr_nj6iqsr2LJ1qzbo31o5_1280

MIP Sac readily welcomed us for the morning run and Love Bag day.Prior to venturing off, we all worked together in packing an assortment of toiletries and snacks for Sacramento’s homies. I can’t express well enough their hospitality they had for us nor their eagerness to passionately to give. We all shared what brought us there that morning and every single person had their hearts on their sleeve.


We ran to a neighborhood in which many find refuge on its streets to distribute the Love Bags. Despite losing breath from being out of shape, the energy and  encouragement of the team made it easy to smile when the time came to give.



This really happened.

And now I’m eager for more happenings with MIP

– ChiChai@Empire

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