Massive Clusterfuck

If you define clusterfuck as an overwhelming amount of talent in one room, then yes, a clusterfuck was found in Oakland last night. Massive, the boutique/gallery/barbershop, introduced its latest installation by Joey Colombo, JP Neang, J.Toddo, and Jay222 for the show Massive Clusterfuck.




I highly encourage you to come down to Massive and see their work.  Diving into these artists’ imaginations was like entering an entirely new world that makes you wonder “how the…?”  This clusterfuck– from Jay222’s insane sculptures to J. Toddo’s music-inspired pieces– will surely inspire other artists to let their hearts and imagination free too. I know it did for me.

What’s great about art shows at Massive is the energy. The artists and the Massive head hanchos create an atmosphere of so much positivity, it’s difficult to leave without making new friends. We were blessed ourselves with homies we met because of the East Bay art scene. Here’s some ridiculousness with them (Bryant Sina and Dominic Grun of Haus of Godspeed and JP Neang)

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Check out Christopher’s bun

P.s.s. Thank you J.Toddo for a semi-lecture and encouragement for my own endeavors even though it was your show!

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