Back in the Bay

Waddup SF and Oakland! I’m home and it feels so good!

The hustlin’ bustlin’ week did not end upon landing SFO from AUS. It instead continued at home in the Bay Area with oh-so-sweet ear candy and fresh air.

The music collective Soulection took over 1015 Folsom on Friday and kept all three stages bumpin’ the entire night. If only I could conjure the right words to describe to you the type of vibes that flowed into the air and incessantly mesmerized us on the dance floor.

DSC00152 DSC00163 DSC00229 DSC00236

If they are the Sound of Tomorrow, then music’s future is looking hella bright.


Since my first day back required quite a bit of energy, I was thankful for the mellower days that followed. I explored Oakland’s Redwood Regional Park yesterday and today– first with Ate Rox for an under-wraps project (stay tuned for that!) and the second for simply exploring with Christopher.

DSC00322 DSC00329 DSC00360 DSC00388 DSC00435 DSC00470 DSC00511 DSC00568 DSC00580 DSC00597

What a beautiful weekend back home

– ChiChai@Empire

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