Aesthetics of the Austinites

Murals and tacos concluded the Texan trip and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We strolled around downtown’s 6th street for a peek of Austin’s art world. Their street art doesn’t flourish as much as the Bay Area’s (yeah, yeah–I know I may be biased) but you can certainly find beautiful murals in the city’s crevices such as parking lots and alleyways.

DSC09986 DSC09990

DSC00002 DSC00006 DSC00011 DSC00048

The one streetwear boutique was Status– definitely one of the cleanest set ups I’ve seen. Plus, look at their Texas-customized Breezy and Pink Dolphin art!

One of the things I love about Austin are their food truck lots. The last one we visited was Torchy’s Trailer Park & Eatery– a spacious lot adorned with Christmas lights, red chairs &  tables with matching umbrellas, the Torchy’s Tacos truck, and the smoothies and hot cocoa trucks. Steff wanted us to try Tex-Mex and I’m happy she chose to bring us to Torchy’s. For tacos, they were filled with fresh goodness and specialty sauces that left no hangover from greasiness.

DSC00064 DSC00075 DSC00082 DSC00091 DSC00096

My stomach is already growling just thinking of my last Texan meal. You lucky crows. DSC00098

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. A big Texas thank you to Steff and Kev for the hospitality! You guys are the best tour guides ever!

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