The Good, the Bad, and the Big

Has anyone ever told you that everything is bigger in Texas?

Let me tell you: They were not lying.

Want proof? Here is Big Lou’s 42″ Pizza from San Antonio– a monstrous cheesy dish that hauls in pizza-lovers after being featured on Man vs. Food. This is my friend Bernie next to it so you can get an idea of how grand this meal was (she is 4’11’)



And the excessively massive character does not end with food…

Bastrop’s gas station Buc-ee’s has 120 gas pumps and a complementing convenience store the size of a super-mart such as Target or Walmart


You can also find all of the Texas stereotyped merchandise at Buc-cee’s

DSC09614 DSC09622 DSC09629 DSC09653

But among all the big things found in Texas, my favorite from yesterday’s adventure would be…

The big selection of beer and nightlife hangouts on Austin’s Rainey Street

First up is Bangers– a rustic saloon with a whole lot of character and a whole lot of beer to match it


Yup. That is their tap selection.


DSC09679 DSC09689


If you like free spontaneous tattoos, you can head over to Platinum Ink and get the Banger’s logo.   DSC09673

“Coffee– We don’t do decaf, so don’t even ask.”

DSC09691 DSC09684

Next on the night-crawl was the Container Bar aka “America’s First Shipping Container Bar”


This was certainly the most aesthetic and innovative bar I’ve been to: two stories, open space, bean bag tossing, and containers you and your party can chill in



Not even going to get started on how delicious their cocktails are..

DSC09751 DSC09794

So, in conclusion…although this lactose-intolerant lady’s stomach was turning from Big Lou’s,  it ended its day happily with good ol’ drank. Thanks, Texas.

– ChiChai@Empire

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