From the Top of Austin to our Bellies

Prior to the 3 hour Franklin BBQ food coma, we climbed Mount Bonnell for a whole new perspective of Austin.


PSA: you DO NOT need hiking gear for Mount Bonnell. We anticipated a painful hike when a flight of stairs is all it takes to reach the top.DSC09302


We also visited the famous postcard-like mural representing all the city’s monuments


Then came the 3 hour nap.

And upon rising from the food coma, we woke up to the night…DSC09392 to continue this glutinous vacation.

Next stop : Hopdoddy aka the land of spanking patties (that like it) and shakes worth shaking for

DSC09352-2 DSC09366 DSC09357

As if the signs weren’t charming enough, say hello to their ahi tuna burger,  nutella and Oreo milkshakes, and truffle parmesan fries

DSC09382 DSC09373


We went to Holcyon for dessert which Steff got super excited because she said it would fulfill my hipster needs.


It did.

Tea, beer, artwork, live music, and s’mores. What more can this supposed-hipster ask for?

DSC09470 DSC09474 DSC09507 DSC09517 DSC09532

Now to continue more food adventures!

– ChiChai@Empire

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