Franklin BBQ

In the midst of a foggy 36F morning, dozens of carnivores waited in line for the renowned barbecue heaven.


We, of course, joined the meat-eating influx with empty bellies and curiosity to taste what the hype for Franklin’s BBQ is all about.

DSC09258 DSC09262 DSC09252

To be honest with you, I was skeptical. Yes. Texas in its entirety barbecues like no other…  So what makes this smokehouse any different?



Regardless of the never-ending drooling and tummy-growling customers, they hospitably welcomed those yearning to dine with them.


Charming decor adorned every corner and made the wait more entertaining

DSC09278 DSC09291

In regards of the food…


Holy moly. I never knew meat could get this flavorful nor this tender. Meat would slip off the bones upon lifting a rib and melt in the mouth as if it were butter.


We now understand the hype and lived it.  Standards for BBQ officially rose to a whole new level.

If your BBQ isn’t this savory nor soft nor so fulfilling it knocks you into a three hour food coma, then it cannot compete with Franklin.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. We all did take a three hour nap after we ate here

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