Hello, Austin!

“It’s hipster! You’ll all love it! Especially you, ChiChai!” my friend Steff excitedly said when describing our Texan itinerary.

I wondered, “What does that even mean?… Other than her calling me a hipster…”


But upon our few hours from arriving in Austin, I immediately knew what she meant.


Les homies Cestine, Dar, Handro, Bernie and I landed in the land of everything bigger earlier this evening and we easily fell in love with it.

Our few hours here already consisted of two hefty must-visit spots in which we first-handedly experienced how everything truly is bigger. And these foodie finds not only satisfied our tummies’ needs, but it gave us a taste to Austin’s art scene.

Just look at that signage!


DSC09199 DSC09210 DSC09211 DSC09217 DSC09221


DSC09223 DSC09226 DSC09232 DSC09233
Thank goodness I brought all my stretchy pants and extra camera batteries for this trip! A weird combo but a necessary one for this Food Network type of adventure in this new city!

Can’t wait to see where else Steff will bring us!

– ChiChai@Empire



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