Open Floor 2014

Although not groovy movers ourselves, we got lots of love for the dance community and appreciate whenever they invite us to be a part of it. Monday Night Workshop asked us to vendor yesterday at the Open Floor: Urban Dance Showcase and we were of course happy to join in.



IMG_4594 IMG_4600

We presented our brand in a room of talented people who courageously shared their hearts on stage– vending at events like this surely is a humbling experience.

DSC07824 DSC07857 DSC07885 DSC07902 DSC07922 DSC07963 DSC08000 DSC08046 DSC08103 DSC08106

Among the creative souls on the vending side was Vanessa Peneyra’s Aumakua Treasures. I couldn’t stop bothering her because her intricately designed turtles kept drawing me in. If you love wooden accessories and artwork, you should definitely check her out here.


(Okay, okay. I also wanted to bother her because I am her great grand ate #bonding This is her blowing bubbles onto mine and Samantha’s Lunchables)


Thank you to all our old and new supporters yesterday! And congratulations to Monday Night Workshop for a successful showcase. Extra shout-out to our homie Kevin Bries for having us.

– ChiChai@Empire

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