One of Christopher’s best friends is funny. Okay… They all have a knee-slapping sense of humor but! One happens to be traveling because of his: JR De Guzman.

Considering we had no idea what country JR was in this past year– Malaysia? Philippines? Amsterdam?– Christopher was always giddy and fan-girly whenever his BFF called. Upon JR’s announcement of his California return, Christopher assured we would catch a show featuring his favorite comedian.

JR concluded his 2014 list of performances at Pa’ina SF last night by poking fun at his masculinity and Asian American-ess, resulting in a roar of tear-jerking laughter.

He began the night in the traditional ugly Christmas sweater

DSC07760 DSC07761

And ended with adorned nipplesDSC07771

I wish I could share with you last night’s performance but as I said earlier, Christopher fan-girls hard for JR so the video he recorded would nauseate any viewer.

Instead, here is one of his other performances in Sacramento. Please wear headphones if you are watching this in front of your parents or railroad workers from the 1860’s.

– ChiChai@Empire

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