Empire in the… Magazine?

In all that we do– from clothes to events–  we try our best in encouraging you to build your own Empire. And as we’ve grown as a brand, a new branch emerges:

A magazine



Why begin a magazine?

We want to give your story of triumphs and climbs the opportunity to be heard.You never know who can be inspired by your Empire.

Our first issue includes the Head in the Clouds lookbook, select Instagram submissions for #MyEmpireInTheAir, and a Q&A with the following Empire builders:

We will release a new issue with every collection henceforth and  continue featuring #MyEmpireInTheAir submissions. We also plan on including more in-depth interviews in the future.

So stay tuned, my friends! A big adventure is a head of us and you’re all invited to join the ride.

Oh, and.

You can now purchase a magazine here.

– ChiChai@Empire

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  1. just cath says:

    *Wow!!! I’m so bilib** sa’yo! Ang galing!!! **c”,)*

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