Big 6 Doodles

A nation-wide known decision reopened wounds and led to an uproar throughout the country.  Because of Monday night, the repercussions of supremacism haunt us. Yes, we can say US Americans progressed away from segregated bathrooms and a discriminatory seating chart on the bus but the attitude and beliefs from colonial times seem to remain.

As easy as it would be to become cynical from hatred’s loudness and the attention-seeking superiority– especially with half a dozen helicopters flying by the past two nights and  tweets of ridiculous naivety on why we are even outraged– my heart will not let me. Like Spider-Man, we should acknowledge that those with the power to do good has the responsibility to do good. So, with the good in your heart, that light needs to shine extra bright. In other words…

” Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

These recent circumstances drove me away from the initial purpose of this blog (to appreciate the art and characters shown in Big Hero 6)  and led me to appreciate the movie in a different sense.

Big Hero 6 features an ass-kicking multi-ethnic team who are not heroic because of their superpowers but because of their intelligence and compassion– it was the right light I needed to heal from possible cynicism.

fredwasabilemongogo hiro and baymax

I can only hope that more teams form without bias like Big Hero 6 in real life too.

– ChiChai@Empire

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