Feature by Monique Dee

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Thanks to an old friend, Josie Untalan, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a sweet and vivacious womyn: Monique Dee. Monique Dee hosts her own blog, which covers topics from celebrity news to beauty tips, as well as the blog of Nessa from Wild 94.9 and MTV Personality Jack Thriller .

Her narrative voice does not cease to entertain in all three platforms and we were lucky enough to be her next written subject. Reading Monique Dee’s feature on this brand was a blessed experience in itself; I suppose you can say it was a needed dosage of confidence I needed to continue hiking this uphill slope to “my empire.”

Miss MoniqueDee, I know I’ve said it a thousand times already, but thank you.

What I love most about [Empire in the Air] and the people behind it, is that it’s all so selfless.
– Monique Dee

To read our feature by Monique Dee, you can check it out on any of these three links:

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