Huge thank you to everyone sharing their empires with us through#myempireintheair ! No words can express our gratitude to see others telling their dream-chasing stories.

Here are a few of our submissions:

Melissa Catahan: Photography

For the last almost five years, I continually fall deeply in love with photography. The truths, lies, and mysteries that rest beneath each photo always tell the most beautiful tales. All that I do lays the foundation out for #myempireintheair . What’s your passion? More on my blog! PC: @mark_j_chua

To read Melissa’s full story on her empire, click here! You can also find more of her photography here.

Phillip Santos: Photography

#myempireintheair is photography 📷😌 I’ve been shooting consistently for about a year and a half. My passion and love for photography keeps growing and growing every single day 😊 Seeing the true beauties in everything that I encounter everyday is an amazing experience. And to capture those moments are euphoric and incredible ✌️😌 Aside from capturing those moments I love to edit my photos in a artistic, emotional and meaningful matter. Each photo that I create has a meaning and insightful outlook that is seen through the eyes of me aka ToAST. “In my Creative shell making my Visions come True”~🐢 I am very blessed and thankful to have this passion and everyone who has been a part of it! 🙌😊🙌 That’s my@empireintheair 👆☁️🐢 PC: @viet.hua

Want to see more through Philip’s eyes? You can visit his flickr here.

Dani Galvez: Family

#myempireintheair has to be my family, my number one. emoji We all need to recharge ourselves once in a while from the fast lane that is life. I’m grateful I’m not too far away from home that I can still spend time with my fam. I was never been the ideal daughter but you better believe I’m making these folks proud sooner or later. I am God’s glue of the two, whether they like it or not. And S/O to my cool ass sister @dezgalvez. You da one baby girl. We will transform the world. #justwatchemojiemojiemojiemoji

Dani is also a mighty good singer and dancer. Here is a sample of her singing and dancing.

We can’t wait to see more! Keep spreading the hashtag, friends. You never know who you can inspire with your empire.

– ChiChai@Empire

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