Massive x MaBOOhay

We began our day at the Daly City Filipino-American History Month Celebration and ended it with two more events.

Bryant Sina and Darren Chiu from Haus of Godspeed, who hosted our first gallery PEARLS in the Rough, and Calamity Fair debuted their newest collections at Massive today. Massive is a new art gallery/boutique/barber shop that is bringing even more dope artists to the art-crazed Oakland.

photo 5 SONY DSC

photo 2-2

SONY DSC Darren Chiu reinterpreted pieces from his 90’s kid childhood into today’s world through ecstatic graphics

photo 4 SONY DSC photo 4

Calamity Fair brought to Massive his beautifully insane yet intricate collages that would easily mesmerize you


photo 5

Unthought of color combinations combined together for Bryant Sina’s out-of-this-world pieces

photo 3 photo 2


While Samantha and I dove into Massive’s art community, Christopher “held down the fort” at Akbayan SJSU’s MaBOOhay.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.10.12 AM

Thank you to all our SJSU supporters– old and new! Christopher said you made our fifth year vending at MaBOOhay worthwhile. So again, thank you. It is heartwarming to know that although we moved to Oakland, SJSU is still another home for Empire.

Today, from Daly City to Oakland and San Jose, refreshed my courage to continue striving for this Empire. We were blessed to be surrounded by so much positive vibes that I cannot think of how to rightfully express this team’s gratitude for your support. Just know we appreciate your love. Thank you for pushing us.

– ChiChai@Empire

– ChiChai@Empire

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