Daly City Filipino American History Month Celebration

Being a Daly City native, I did not appreciate my culture until I moved away for college.

Filipino-Americans make majority of Daly City’s population so I never thought being Filipino was something to be proud about nor did it cross my mind how important understanding your culture’s history was.

Daly City hosted its first Filipino-American History Month Celebration today and we were invited to join. I have to admit, I wish we had more events like this growing up.

It was beautiful to be under one roof with other Filipino-Americans celebrating their craft and appreciating each others. Musicians, dancers, fashionistas, and even sign spinners entertained the crowd while Filipino community organizations and cultural brands shared how they proudly represent their heritage.

Shout-out to Bayani, and Pilipino Educational Partnerships for the ton of love today! I can’t wait to see how we can work together in the future.

Thank you Bernadette Bernacer for recommending us and Romeo Benson for creating this celebration. We hope to see you all at the second Filipino-American History Month Celebration! I’m sure this event gave the younger generations a good head start in being proud of their heritage.

– ChiChai@Empire

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