Empire Strikes Back… in Seattle!

Darn you Virgin Airlines for your sales! Making spontaneous trips affordable! Darn you!

Hope you caught my sarcasm. That airline sure knows how to tease your inner travel bug.

Last “black friday,” the only deal I took advantage of were plane tickets to Seattle for Christopher and I. (You can read about our trip in January here!) Virgin struck me again with another sale this past summer.


My mother and I are leaving for the Emerald City tomorrow morning!

Here are some of my Seattle-essentials

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.38.56 PM

written from top, left to right

This UpperPlayground beanie is small enough to stuff in your pocket/bag but still thick enough to keep the ears warm from Seattle’s chill.

TheRoots Crewneck
This is by far our thickest sweater yet; cozy and flexible– perfect for exploring,
(You can purchase yours here btw– use code FREESHIP to get it shipped for free!)

Not gonna lie, I thought these shoes were all hype… until I tried them on myself. I really wish I had these during my last trip. Seattle is similar to SF– concrete hills everywhere.

Pentax K1000 and Sony Nex-5
I am using both film and digital to capture different styled shots for this trip! Definitely excited about that.

Bamboo Pencil Box, Watercolor, and Tiny Watercolor Book
I documented almost all my trips this past year in that little book alongside my toolbox, including an assortment of micro pens, as well as my favorite watercolor.

Logo Stickers
You already know.

Coin Purse
Always keep coins with you! They come in handy at the most unexpected moments (parking, dry-cleaning, a few cents off from purchasing that candy,etc) This Star Trek inspired coin purse was handmade by Little Honey Vee– check out all her other adorable artwork here.

I feel naked without these three: volcano rock beads by Cukui from Christopher, the Make your Mark bracelet by Alex and Ani from my momma, and the Tiffany Rastaclat from my friend Nea. Bangles of love!

Two One Chains!
Got this at the Dapper Day Expo for $5 and its been giving my outfits an extra 5 points to Gryffindor


I am thrilled to return to Washington! Be right back, Californians!

– ChiChai@Empire

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