‘Til Infinity

The Oakland mayor officially declared the holiday Hiero Day, a day for an annual hip hop congregation.

Hieroglyphics hosts and headlines this free music&food&beer&art festival as a way for them to “[give] back to the city that has raised and nurtured” them

And all of us in the Bay was invited

IMG_1729 IMG_1708 SONY DSC



Not sure if anyone told you, but the Bay got a whole lot of people that accepted the invite.

We were only able to see Fashawn and Exile’s performance (crowd and heat did not mix well for us) and, honestly, no complaints there. They killed it yesterday. Their live beats and flows mashed as a head-bobbing and hand-waving stimulation of classics and new goodies– from Boy Meets World to the Ecology.


We also made a new friend, Baba, from the clothing brand Suru. Suru means “to do” whereas in Yoruba, it means “patience. This brand celebrates this beautiful creation of diversity and the tagline “I see no colors, only cultures.” Be sure to check them out here!


See you again next year, Hiero Day! (And hopefully we’ll be able to actually see Hieroglyphics then lol)


– ChiChai@Empire

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