Kickin’ it for PEARLS 2014

Today was the day we kicked balls.



Kicked kickballs that is!


Energy definitely filled the air at Flickinger Park this sunshiny day. We launched our second kickball and bbq for Project PEARLS. And this year, we had the honor to collaborate with Akbayan SJSU and the SJ Firefighters Local 230 to make this happen.

Our main objective for Can You Kick It is to connect the Fil-Am generation with their homeland by doing good and having fun while doing so. Without a doubt, the four teams– B.I.L.K. (Ball I’d Like to Kick), Pire Pighters, Balls and Dolls, and Fire Nation– and our guests (welcome to SJSU new Akbayan gen members!) helped us reach our goal . 


Meet our hard-to-please tough-judgin’ referees: Nea, Danreb, and Ferd


Extra shout-out to Joey for bringing his fitness trainer skills and getting the teams warmed up

IMG_1495 IMG_1486

Other fun stuff went on in between games and during too! Good food (courtesy of the firefighters! especially for the snow cones… mm), laughs, face paint, pep talks, and super selfies with the Can You Kick It rookie card frame.

Okay, okay. Thank you for bearing with this super duper long post! It was a long and exciting event that we hope you will join next year!

– ChiChai@Empire

Oh. Did you want to know the results? 

Fourth place– the fiery Fire Nation


Third place– Balls and Dolls



Second place– the Pire Pighters



And, our 2014 champs are…




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