Levi’s Stadium



Well, well, well. Aren’t you a beaut?… Other than the unfinished grass and lack of heat protection. 

SONY DSCBack to the optimistic bit. This stadium is a piece of art.


Walls, seats, and platforms are slickly embossed with the proud, yet so simple, San Francisco logo. White complements the powerful red throughout the arena for a clean crisp look.



As if the aesthetics of Levi’s Stadium weren’t good enough, the 49er kingdom is also environmentally friendly. It was built with recycled material (from wood to water) and it also takes a green initiative in several other sectors.

The stadium typically has dozens of trash cans down the hallways, but like a true San Franciscan (although not in SF anymore), the trash cans are aligned with recycling and compost bins. Yes! Compost! Plus, your food will be eaten guilt-free to begin with because Levi’s supports local suppliers. (Well, depends how guilty you feel downing nachos and whatnot– I guess less guilty).

Like the SF’s Academy of Sciences, the roof lives! 27,00 square feet worth of plants live atop the tower, along with several solar panels. 


Aside from the perks inside the stadium, there is a 49ers museum accessible outside. 

Intricately designed, projected interviews and montages of climatic plays interact with the adornment of memorabilia. Sony definitely pulls some heart strings by curating the exhibits this way– Walking through the museum feels equivalent to living a typical sport movie’s last scene: pride, glory, and heroism all in one. 


I’ll admit that I’m not sports savvy at all but, thanks to moving all over the Bay Area since birth, I always rooted for the teams within the vicinity of hella (especially GSW and Giants.) However, after having a free tour today, I am excited to wear red and gold more than ever.

– ChiChai@Empire








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