Can’t believe this is still Oakland

Before working in this city, all I ever went here for was a Warriors game at the Oracle, never for a hike in a forest.

And well, today served as a reminder that every city has its hidden gems. The PEZ Museum in Millbrae, Bruce and Brandon Lee resting in peace in Seattle, Silvanas in Daly City (currently craving but… that’s irrelevant), and a fresh emerald galore in Oakland.

Because Christopher and I moved here only a few weeks ago, almost everywhere we go is still new. Today, we had our biggest surprise: the Redwood Regional Park. 

This park has a little something for everyone— a variety of trails for noobs and trekkers, a playground for kiddies, and hospitality for dog-lovers.

We certainly underestimated how massive a park could possibly be in Oakland (and how much a hike it would be). But, oh my, how rejuvenating it is to take a break from the concrete’s gray gradients to nature’s lush. 

If this is Oakland’s backyard, I can’t wait to find out what else this city has in store.

– ChiChai@Empire

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