Oh, San Francisco

Oh, San Francisco

It is comforting to know I’m just on the other side of the bridge now.

A combination of hang-outs and meetings led me to this fog galore for back-to-back days. And although only two days were spent in San Francisco, 4 districts welcomed the homies and I in their own distinctive ways.

(I seriously need to bring my camera with me more often again— iPhone pics, sorry!)

My best friend Ion and I wandered around Haight-Ashbury and Hayes Valley in search of urban art and guilt-free window-shopping. Okay, okay. Ion talked me into buying The Anthology from Amoeba. No regrets.


While walking around Hayes, we spotted this beautiful wood installation in among the eccentric walls and alleyways. I’m guessing it is an Aleksandra Zee piece— her wooden formations and choices of color are signature.


A day in SF with Ate Rox and our boss Nick (oh, @aestheticproject and I work together now btw lol) was inevitably spent with more art explorations. This time, we trekked the deYoung Museum for the new Modernism exhibit and the Mission District to check out Benny Gold’s Guest Artist Glider Plane Series.

Modernism isn’t exactly my favorite art period but Ate Rox and Nick’s constant questioning of how much tape the artists used to create straight lines put the gallery in a different light. Humorously and curiously. How much masking tape did these guys use?!

We of course ended the deYoung trip with a visit to the tower. I blogged about this spot too many times before so I won’t say anything other than it is my favorite spot in the city and it is free.

Dozens of artists took Benny Gold’s glider plane and transformed them into their own for the Guest Artist series. I don’t want to go into too much details because I highly encourage to see it yourself. Please do— it is an honor to see original pieces from these artists in person.


Until the next adventure! See you soon, SF.

– ChiChai@Empire

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