Fishing through Fitness


We are proud to say that Joey Illustrisimo is not only our model but a perfect example of using your gifts to pay it forward.

As a fitness trainer in San Francisco, Joey decided to do more with his knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. He started a bootcamp called Fishing through Fitness. Joey invites anyone and everyone for a free workout session in which he patiently teaches, encourages, and gives awesome high-fives.

All our beloved buff guy asks for is any-sized donation. Every single dollar goes to a cause and his first pick for Fishing through Fitness was Project PEARLS. In six weeks of these Sunday bootcamps, Joey has raised more than $1000.

Good job, Joey!

– ChiChai@Empire


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  1. Reblogged this on CHRISTOPHER A. NGUYEN and commented:
    I am proud to say I know this man.

  2. This is such a wonderful effort, kudos for that 🙂 I think working as a fitness trainer in itself is a social service. After all, you are preaching the secrets of balance in life! But then raising money for donation is going a step ahead with noble duties. Good luck Joey, you are awesome!

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