An Introduction to the “She is King” Series

I would rather brothers call you queen than bitch, but if the intent behind it is motivated by sex, then genuine is probably not, so that’s why I said the queen’s dead, so I call you a soldier instead  – Bambu

This chorus replays in my head as ink borders my characters’ spirit eyes.


Among the many reasons why I started the She is King series, Bambu’s song “Q.U.E.E.N.” led me to rethink the word “queen.” Bambu argued that even with such a mighty single word, it can easily become meaningless simply by the lips that release it. What good is recognizing a queen without a respect for one?

Besides, it is time we womyn profess a higher title.

IMG_0883To me, queen, despite a positive connotation, still implies a level below the other and a dependency for him. Everyone, man or womyn, should be able to reach their highest potential without the oppressions of a title. We too can lead others out of darkness. We too can provide for our family, our kingdom. And last time I checked, we’ve been fighting a stronger fight to protect our temples.

That’s why I said the queen’s dead, so I call you a soldier instead

We are not only soldiers. We are kings.


The queen is dead…

–  ChiChai@Empire

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