Keep doing what you’re doing

Kevin from Massive told Christopher and I last night during Oakland First Friday,.

“Keep doing what you’re doing because I have seen what the outcome can be.”

He explained to us how the Bay Area’s art community flourishes and this new art gallery/ boutique/ barber shop aims to be a hub for it.



Everything, and I mean everything, has a piece of an artist’s heart in Massive. And thankfully, the Massive team warmly welcomed us last night with a special tour. Each person involved shared either the shop’s story, the collaborating artists’ stories, or even their own.

Now, to pay it forward, let me show you around this newfound aesthetic central:

We ran into Ms. Little Honey Vee herself last night (featuring the photobombing of Kevin’s brick squat)


One of my favorite pieces from the featured gallery “Swollen Visuals” by Alexander Suelto and Christopher De Leon


JP Neang and Jtoddo are responsible for a good chunk of the shop’s art installations making what-could’ve-gone-unnoticed-walls to vibrancy


Jtoddo’s takeover of the restroom area


And JP’s red creature coming to life, creepin’ from the top corner


Much love to Massive! Y’all are definitely hella massive. Keep doing what you’re doing– I’m excited to see what else you have in store.

You can find this Oakland wonder at 713 Washington St., Oakland
As well as on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure you follow them and stop by! I promise they won’t disappoint or bite.

– ChiChai@Empire

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