PEARLS in the Rough pt.II


They’re so bad that I’ve been avoiding writing this post haha.

But in all seriousness, from setting up to closing down, PEARLS in the Rough definitely gave the Empire Team a bigger experience than we could have imagined. And on behalf of the team, we thank all of you who made it happen. Thank you to our supporters–present or not– you allowed us to invite everyone into our world for a night. We hope you all enjoyed it.

Now, to finally get into the nitty gritty of the event.

The lovely and joke-crackin’ fellas from Haus of Godspeed allowed us to set up the entire day before. We immediately fell in love with the aesthetic essence of the studio; don’t get me wrong, we had fun in last year’s venue but Haus was the perfect refresher in a sense that it was a haus of other artists. We fell in love so much that Christopher and Aiko decided to shoot a last-minute promo video. Our set up day definitely had us packaging, painting, prepping, decorating non-stop (with mere McDonald breaks), however, I personally believe it was nearly as fun as the event itself.

The last post showed you around the gallery portion of the art show so let me tour you around everywhere else.

Aiko and Jelyn held down the store, which was adorned by Samantha’s installation of wooden feathers, bottles, and Christmas lights.
Thank you Joey for helping out at the store too!

RAY_3385 RAY_3398

PJ repped his bow-tie as soon as he bought his

The first picture of the entire team [finally]



My momma, aka Ms. Pinterest, created her own food section featuring DIY mac&cheese, crepes, and popcorn bars.


She likes to poke fun at my non-pinoy boyfriend. For the event, she relabeled the sriracha bottle.


Speaking of Christopher, he had his very own section that night! He featured his favorite photos he took for Empire in the Air and displayed the lookbooks for everyone to look through.


We had to invite our favorite DJ, of course! DJ Steven Cheung: our resident DJ. Did you know that all the music we used for our last collection’s promo videos were produced by him?
P.s. Sam spent a good chunk of the day making our Cloud logo come to life in a paper-mache project. She even incorporated our past coloring sheets onto the border.


And speaking of coloring, we continued the tradition of having a coloring table set up


Let’s take it back to the gallery for a little bit
It warms my heart to see others enjoying my work.

Fun fact: we streamed the Pacquaio that night which the visitors enjoyed as well


Before I end this nostalgic post…
Here are some random moments that you may have missed out on
(check out that kendama face tho!)

Until next time Haus of Godspeed, until next time.
Thank you again to all our supporters! We do it for you! And a special shout-out to Bryant and Dom for not only going above and beyond in helping us but for entertaining us while doing so.

– ChiChai@Empire

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