Wonderful World of Color (outside of Disneyland)

Let’s take a little break from spamming you with that new new and bring more colors in the light.

Christopher and I began our Saturday at 7 in the morning by dressing up in all white a.k.a. getting ready to get dirty. An hour later, we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of white tees anticipating the same fate as ours: the Color Run 5k.

I’ll admit that we are not ideally fit but we definitely had fun nonetheless.  Every kilometer greets you with a different color, music pumps throughout the trails, and the runners from all ages laugh along the way. Plus, the race’s finish line congratulates everyone with a concert and even more glorious hues.

The Color Run was only the beginning of an eventful Saturday. Samantha and I met up with Bryant from Haus of Godspeed to further plan for PEARLS in the Rough. Here is my sneak peek for you.

Up next on the agenda: Urban Paradise. I wish I could write a separate post  about it but no words can suffice. In a generic nutshell, it is a dance showcase hosted by The Company. The only words and phrases that come close to describe the show are mind-f**kedmind-blown, WTF, breathtaking, jaw-dropping, not-wanting-to-blink and eye-widening (and… why didn’t I bring my camera?! Boo phone pictures)

Congratulations to all the dancers! Like I said on an Instagram post, I need to read the dictionary to find the right words to describe the amount of talent on that stage.

Yesterday may have been a busy bee day but it definitely inspired me for the crazy next few weeks.

– ChiChai@Empire

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