The Roots

If you look closely to the sweater’s pattern, you will find design elements from past products. The magenta squares are imprinted with the “Cloud” logo, whereas the lift from our original shirt is in the triangles. Also, the greens and blues are directly sampled from the original shirt too. The vibrant colors, tribal-like layout and the graffiti-esque typography is a combination of the “trends” as a 90’s kid that revived when we became college kids.

We may be pushing boundaries this time around but we are commemorating the foundations, the Roots, that got us here in the first place. This design is a thank you to our supporters who helped us grow– from our first customers in 2010 to the new love in our 2013 comeback. The Roots is dedicated to you.

– ChiChai@Empire

Pre-sales for the Roots crew-neck sweater are from March 10-27 starting at $30
After pre-sales, price will raise to $35 with limited sizes.

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