The Urban Young Professional: Delivery One

“Forcing ourselves out the comfort zone” is an underlying theme for the Empire Team this year. We released a variation of shirts and sweaters since 2010 but, forcing ourselves out the comfort zone for 2014, we are introducing our first line of accessories.

The accessories include his&her bow tie— the males rock them with a sueded strap while the ladies do with a simple gold-colored chain.. We are also releasing wooden earring studs, which our good friend Ryan Donida produced for us.

What I am the proudest of is the amount of elbow grease used to produce this collection. I designed the patterns, ordered custom heavy cotton twill, then rekindled my relationship with an old flame: the sewing machine. (Thank goodness for clothing class in high school). As for the earrings, Ryan and I spent twice a week nearly for a month fighting for time with a laser cutter to get the design right. Thank you times infinity, Ryan!

The accessories will be on sale April 12th for a special release at our next event. More on that later but be sure to save the date, Bay Area folks, especially if you want first dibs.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. To see more pictures of the Urban Young Professional collection, click here

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