And so it begins

We spent the past week or so teasing, hinting, and sneak-peeking. Today, we end the “more on that later” phrases and finally begin showing the real deal. We are releasing the new collection.

Since our first shirt released in 2010, all our designs represented the passion and determination one needs when venturing towards their dreams. As much as this brand has grown— from one-shirt-at-a-time to collections and even from a solo movement to a collaborative team— we continue to hold onto those two mindsets.

This collection continues to represent the strive towards dreams but it also demonstrates the growth that comes with it. Through this collection, we forced ourselves out of our comfort zones and developed new approaches.  We may have changed along the way but we will always latch onto our foundation.

With that being said, this collection gets its “grown-man on” while keeping the streetwear influence. It is a collection for the Urban Young Professional.

You can now view the full collection here.

– ChiChai@Empire

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