Sun Chasing

We chased the sun.

The Empire team woke up earlier than any other Saturday morning to begin the race. We rushed to San Francisco hoping to catch the sun’s golden start. Unfortunately, we missed the natural hues intended. But gratefully, we unintentionally found ourselves in places that played with the sun rays perfectly. We then took photos for the upcoming collection.

Prior to the photo-shoot, Samantha styled the models so they complemented each other as well as our collection.The models, Christina and Joey, worked the camera for Christopher who captured their photogenic charm. Raymond recorded videos for additional material. And aside from my usual job of holding everyone’s stuff, I took these photos to bring you guys behind the scenes.

To avoid raccoon-eyed photographs from the sun’s highest peak, we headed back to San Jose and took the studio shots at Christopher’s house.

Then, next thing you know, we were chasing the sun once more to catch its last golden hour at Newark.

We spent these past number of months preparing and preparing and preparing. And now, we are almost ready to proudly present what we’ve been brewing. Like yesterday, we were and still are chasing the sun. And although we may miss certain sun rays, we are trying our best to use what we got and make it work.

– ChiChai@Empire

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  1. peter james says:

    Can’t wait to see the new stuff!

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