Warriors, Kings, and “FIlipino Heritage Night”

The Sacramento Kings invited Project PEARLS to table at their “Filipino Heritage Night” last night. My homesick heart naturally compared the heritage nights of the Bay teams. From my experience at Oracle and AT&T, people proudly celebrated their culture through dances and art on the courts and fields.

No one we talked to last night, however, knew there was a heritage night. And while explaining to the passer-by’s what Project PEARLS is, every other person merely “heard” about the record-breaking storm that hit the islands last year.

Despite the lack of awareness among our spectators, Sacramento’s wide array of people made last night more exciting. Tabling at the Sleep Train allowed us to introduce our culture, our hardships, and oursmiles to an entirely new audience. Regardless of their own heritage, whoever we talked to excitedly grabbed a flyer (or even piles of flyers) to pass out to their own pares.

Thank you for the Sacramento Kings for inviting us to share our story.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. And thank you Dubs for, well, you know.

P.s.s Oh, I forgot to mention, while tabling… one of the staff invited my friend Nana and I to watch first quarter in one of the “tunnels.” Erm. We we were pretty close.

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