Swagger at its Finest

Let me start off by saying thank you to Ate Rox for bringing me to Mayer Hawthorne’s concert for my 20th birthday. You introduced me to the suavest performer of all that night.

More than two years later, still craving his swagger, my friend Nea and I found ourselves pushing through the crowd to watch Mayer Hawthorne and his band once more.

The audience easily matched all the performers’ energy last night at Oakland’s Fox Theater. Gavin Turek started off the night with her vivacious music and the dance moves to match it.

Then Quadron turned the dial to a more soulful vibe. She sang some songs to groove to but she also pulled heartstrings with her cover of Lauryn Hill’s Ex-factor.

After Gavin and Quadron already raised the bar for the night, Mayer Hawthorne finally arrived on stage with his signature swagger and instantly exceeded all expectations.

His music infused itself with the audience so powerfully that we all went beyond the typical head bob. We moved and swayed with his rhythms as he cleverly bounced between genres— soul, rock n’ roll, reggae, hip hop, Mayer Hawthorne did it all.

Would I recommend going to a Mayer Hawthorne concert? Well, as I told the security guard who asked if I was excited, f yes.

– ChiChai@Empire

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