Seattle Painted

In my most recent travel adventures, I carried around a palm-sized sketchbook to document the places and things I wanted to remember the most. I usually draw with a mixture of micro pens and sharpies but for Seattle, I bought my very first dry palette of watercolor before leaving. I’m trying to conquer my fear of color and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Seattle, for a foggy city, is very colorful. The art scene, the food, the craftsmanship in presentation— from ginger beer stores to museums— is what makes the city thrive. These mere doodles, of course, do not do the city justice but this painted attempt definitely made this sketchbook a lot funner.

The scenery on our way to Seattle

Pike’s Place, the Gum Wall, and a sticker of a nudist
Me and Christopher’s tea from Pink Door

Illustration painted on the wall of Rachel’s Ginger Beer, 49er rally on Washington St
A quote from the EMP Museum and its famous stack of instruments

Umi Sake House and its photogenic interior design and sushi

Bedlam Cafe’s signature college-like decor and delicious cupcakes

The table and its etched quote from Wandering Goose, LICK Pure Cream’s ice cream, Stussy Seattle, and Chihuly’s Glass Museum

Now I can’t wait to continue filling up the pages with more paint. Next stop: Pow Wow Hawaii!

– ChiChai@Empire

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