The Bittersweet Emerald

The westside rival game made the Emerald City louder than ever. The number “12” was found on every other storefront, car, clothing and occasionally, even someone’s face. And as if the message wasn’t clear enough, there was always a random pedestrian that would yell “SEA!” and a crowd to respond with the second half of the team name.

Christopher and I did our best to weave around these green and blue fanatics more than usual on Sunday, not only because of our Bay Area pride, but because it was our very last day. Thus, we spent Sunday exploring the artsier part of Seattle (while discreetly checking the scores on our phone).

The first half of our day took place in Capitol Hill— a district paralleling to San Francisco’s Castro in terms of aesthetics, mom and pop shop restaurants, and the friendly and open personalities.

We started off with brunch at the Wandering Goose. If I was allowed only one restaurant to recommend to you, it would be this one, especially if you love chai lattes and chicken and biscuits. It sounds weird, but trust me, it works.


Here, we ran into a new friend named Michael, the owner of an ice cream shop called LICK Pure Cream. He moved to Seattle from Santa Monica, so as a fellow Californian, he excitedly welcomed us to the new city and gave us a long list of his favorite restaurants ranging from entrees to desserts.

After breakfast, our Capitol Hill adventure included a visit to Bruce and Brandon Lee’s graves, a Star Wars exhibit in the Ltd. Art Gallery, Stussy Seattle, and Michael’s ice cream shop.



My favorite pieces from the Ltd. Star Wars exhibit

I got a scoop of the fudge butter toffee brownie– a creamy and the right amount of sweet combo– from LICK’s. Thanks a ton, Michael, for hooking it up!

We then headed to the Queen Anne district specifically for two buildings: the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum and, of course, the Space Needle.

Shout out to DJ Rox the Beat for recommending the Chihuly— this has to be one of the most photogenic museums I ever visited. Dale Chihuly is a glass sculptor whose large-scale installations turned each room of the museum into dreamlike worlds.

The first room was inspired by Native American culture and art



Chihuly’s seaworld

We arrived at the Space Needle with good timing. Our night at the top of the city faced no crowds, only a perfect view. At that moment, despite the loud blasts of the Seahawks, the Emerald City felt peaceful. However, after coming down the 520 feet tower, we received the game’s end results. And suddenly, the Emerald became bittersweet.

Until next time, Seattle!

– ChiChai@Empire

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