Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

Pike Place Market won the award for most recommended. Every time Christopher and I told someone that we were visiting Seattle, the famous market found a place in the conversation. I made a list of foodies spots to taste prior to our trip, and coincidentally, majority of them were either in Pike Place or in Post Alley, its just-as-famous neighbor.

We did our best to roam through the upbeat market amidst its street performers, fish tossers, and raging rivaled fans. As we toured around, I could not help but notice a staircase going down to a wheat-paste poster universe. I was instantly fascinated by the long wall the stairs led us too. Not much evidence remained of the wall, considering layers and layers of  posters and tagging covered it.

Near this wall was an alley way with even more dope art on it so of course, we wanted to see it up close too. Turned out Pike Place’s street art is a trail that leads to the oh so popular Gum Wall. An influx of people crowded the chewy remains to add their own; I saw a man who even had a bag of gum balls ready.

Christopher and I could not contribute to the Gum Wall because we didn’t have gum but we did bring stickers for the wall across from it.


After exploring Seattle’s urban art at its finest, we headed to the restaurant Pink Door. This restaurant is just a few generations off to being a speakeasy. The Pink Door has no awnings nor any signs. Only the literal pink-painted door to tell you where it is in the long alleyway of restaurants. And despite its subtlety, nearly all the tables were filled. Christopher and I felt a tad underdressed, quite frankly, but the customer service and delicious food welcomed us warmly.

Before heading off to our next adventure, I wanted to swing by Rachel’s Ginger Beer, which was conveniently on the other side of the alley for something sweet. The Ginger Beer comes in a wide array of fruity flavors and you have the option of turning yours into an ice cream float, a shake or literally beer. Typically, Christopher and I chose the last option.

49er fans added to the crowded marketplace and alley way during our adventure in the marketplace. And while in RGB, Christopher approached one of them just to share the  Go Niners love. The fellow fan told him that there’s actually an event for the 49ers. A bar was passing out the Quest for Six towels for free. So, ironically, we ended our Downtown Seattle adventure yesterday in a loud, faithful, crowd of 49ers.


New places with a hint of home? We definitely had a good day.

– ChiChai@Empire

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