Tour of Washington

The color schemes of Washington’s forests and water took Christopher and I on a refreshing expedition today. My dad wanted to show us what else the state has to offer before we settled into Seattle.

First, we attempted a trip to see Snoqualmie’s famous Falls but the fog’s thickness seemed to have swallowed the entire town whole. ( My dad then called it the Snoqualmie Fail).  We have no complaints, though. The drive to Snoqualmie was already picturesque with its rushes of vibrant greenery peaking through the pure white fog.

Our quest for Washington landscapes mostly took place in Tacoma at Point Defiance. For one park, Point Defiance homes various sites to visit. We picked two— the Japanese Garden and Owen Beach— and both nourished us with its peaceful vastness and silence.

The only gripe would be the taunting “12” signs and flags everywhere. I admire the pride for their local team but this born and raised Bay Area native misses the gold blooded fans. #questforsix

Overall, Washington is significantly quieter than the big cities that Christopher and I are used to. The air here is crisp and fresh— ridiculously colder than our norm but definitely fresher—  and the countless number of trees stand tall with secure comfort. We definitely chose the right destination for a winter getaway.

– ChiChai@Empire

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  1. Farley Fernandez says:

    Washington is one of the most beautiful state in the union. It has 3 national parks Mt. Rainier Nat’l . Park, North Cascades Nat’l Park and the Olympic Nat’l Park.

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