Raver: the Little Chef

Currently working on the Project PEARLS website and I came across these pictures. I know I briefly mentioned him before while I was still in the Philippines, but I got to again because I sure do miss this kiddo.

1490848_794359763924347_1816731069_o 1540370_794360380590952_2082254008_o

When Project PEARLS held a Christmas party for the Yolanda Survivors in Hospicio de San Jose, we provided good ol’ Jollibee lunch packs for everyone. I helped the team pass out the food to the kids when suddenly this little boy, just a bit taller than my knee, pulls out his kitchen toy set and sits in the middle of the floor.

I told him it was time to eat and gave him his Jollibee. Rather than eating, he began cooking his plastic veggies and offering me some. The only thing he accepted from our Buena Noche meal was the juice box. (I suppose he did because his kitchen set didn’t include any drinks.) I repeatedly asked him to eat before the food got cold but the more I asked the more he happily insisted on cooking.

This is on my list of top moments from my trip. Although the PEARLS’ team seeks to give, that action is reciprocated with genuine gestures such as thus. Typhoon Yolanda may have taken his house away, but humbly, I had the honor to be invited to Raver’s kitchen for an irreplaceable home-cooked meal.


– ChiChai@Empire

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