Dancing, Dancing pt. 2

Seriously, did the Filipino genetics of dancing capability skip me? All these kids want to do is dance! And not only the kids, but even the lolos and lolas have the dancing hip! Our next stop for festivities was Helping Land where this dancing hip was most definitely found.

Don’t get me in trouble with my mom  but uh, I was kind of just playing with the kids majority of this Buena Noche lol. Although Helping Land is a new addition to our Project PEARLS family this year, they readily invited us into their fun. I can’t count how many times a different bulilit was holding on to my arm or leg.


My favorite moment off top from this day, sorry for calling you out dear, was between our volunteer Karen and one of her students through LitClub. The student really wanted to give her a Christmas present so she saved the one she got from school just for Karen. This is my favorite moment because it shows that we truly are creating impacting and loving relationships with the communities. Thank you Karen for representing PEARLS and LitWorld! Keep spreading the love, girl!

– ChiChai@Empire

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