Dancing, Dancing

Today marked the first day of our hectic Noche Buena schedule. We are bringing the Christmas cheer to the Project PEARLS sites the next few days with gifts, food, and a whole lot of volunteers ready to spread the love.

We all got ready before sunrise to tackle on the day and although we were all groggy on the car ride, once we arrived in Bulacan, the kids energized us as they excitedly ran to give welcoming hugs.

And as if their hugs weren’t sweet enough, the different age groups presented their own special holiday dances. I can’t even begin to describe their performances without laughing a little. If only you could see the passion in these kids eyes as they’re dancing today’s crazes ( … which does include twerks…)

My momma always gets emotional whenever the kids perform

And after the performance program, the volunteers distributed the Christmas packages and the kids played away

“Ate Chi! Wacky picture!”

Now off to Day 2 of our Noche Buena!

– ChiChai@Empire

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