Tourist Eyes

Thankfully,  oh so thankfully, one of the Project PEARLS volunteers and her boyfriend moved to Dubai recently and they became our tour guide for the rest of our stay here.

On our first day, the only place that my momma and I went to was just the mall below our hotel. Thass it. In last night alone, our lovely doctor and nurse couple brought us to the Dubai Museum, the market in Old Dubai, a restaurant alongside the tallest building in the world, and the Dubai mall.

If you are ever in Dubai, I recommend all the above. The museum is hella deceiving by the way! It looks incredibly small on the surface when in reality, its master floor plan is underground. It shows Dubai’s history and how it became the innovative city today.

As for the market in Old Dubai, it is hella cheaper than the mall. Don’t you dare go in the mall to buy their iconic scarves! It is 2-3 times cheaper in the market place.  Or maybe it was because our friend bargained so much even the vendors got scared and couldn’t say no lol.

The Dubai mall is a given for a tourist attraction because it is at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. There are plenty of restaurants along the small lake in front of the Khalifa thus giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy a good meal, the view of the 163 floor skyscraper, and watch the water show. The mall itself is on the pricier side of course but still worth checking out BECAUSE THERE’S A FREAKIN AQUARIUM IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. I’m still mind boggled. An aquarium.  In the. Middle. Of the freakin mall.

Now, off to more exploring!

Just kidding. We’re in Manila now.


– ChiChai@Empire

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