Partying Like Great Gatsby

Or moreso like Nick Carraway trying to fit in the whirlwind of the green light glamour and absorb all the extravagance around.

As I mentioned before, our trip to Dubai revolves around one event. The FM Group of UAE celebrated their first year anniversary and success by hosting a roaring 20’s gala night in the top floor of one of Dubai’s most iconic buildings: the Burj Al Arab. And the party’s after party was an open-to-the-public-all-night-long concert featuring a GMA star who set the celebratory mood.






Now. What does any of that have to do with my momma and I and Project PEARLS? Alex and Michael from FM UAE invited us because they wanted to share the success with someone in need from a country they both connected with. Although neither of them are Filipino,  their careers have brought them to the Pilipinas before and they developed an unending relationship with it. Even in UAE, majority of their employees are Filipinos and Michael actually admitted that this is what helped him transition into living in Dubai.

Thus, we come in.



I have to admit that this incredibly upscale event is galaxies away from my league. Actual silverware, suit and ties everywhere, food I can’t pronounce… this night was way more than the bees knees! What comforted me through this strange new world was that we were invited by people who share the same mindset: we are living a very blessed life and it only makes sense thatwe use that as an advantage to give back.



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  1. cath says:

    Wow! Makes me proud to be part of Project PEARLS 🙂 Congrats!

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