City of Gold

Some people told us to check out the gold market in Dubai for bargain deals on the yellow shimmery jewelry. Yeah… still not in our budget with the deals. However, it was one heck of an experience to see the influx of gold shops that claimed a spot in this marketplace. Cortez would have gone on a shopping spree.




What was in our budget were the goods in a small– yet incredibly lively– grocery store. The store, as yelled by the salesmen, sold spices, dried fruit, nuts, and a wide array of chocolate.




My mom (typically) grabbed handfuls of each colored chocolate without even asking what exactly they are. I’m gonna have an adventure trying each one now while we wait for the event tonight.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Just a heads up, all the pictures until Tuesday are gonna be from my phone thus a tad pixely. Not bad though for phone pictures, right? #teamgalaxy

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