Hello, Manila

About 16 hours after turning in my very last final (ever!), my mother and I roamed the Manila streets in semi-secret. The initial purpose for our trip will not take place in Manila. But, as a sweet surprise for the PEARLS team, my momma wanted to stop over her homeland for a little bit.

Malls seem to be sprouting left and right in Manila… along with motorcycle drivers and buses a.k.a. kings of the road. And despite the new roads, new stores, new vehicles, etc. since my last visit three years ago, the Pilipinas essence remains the same with its comforting familiarity of loud laughs, slow jams everywhere, and fresh taho and pan de sal mornings.

20131213_102517_resized 20131213_114749_resized CYMERA_20131213_101657_resized CYMERA_20131213_102950_resized

With that being said, however, we just arrived in Dubai where nothing is familiar and all is a whole new world with tall buildings and sparkling lights.

But more of that later.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. lol I just Ted Mosby’d this post.

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