13 Hour Movie Theatre

I decided to bring along this mini doodle book with me to record the trip. It sure came in handy for the 13 hour flight.

Luckily the plane had individual TV screens, allowing each passenger to pick what movie or show to watch. I watched 3 1/2 movies:

Little Miss Sunshine (alongside a doodle paying homage to the pen cap I lost while watching it…)

the Wedding Singer, Run Fatboy, Run

and half of Man of Steel. (My mom made fun of my taste in movies every time I picked one. Hater.) And to further kill time, I made these little doodles for each movie I watched except Man of Steel because we were landing.

Sorry for not blogging about where I actually am (yet). Majority of our day was spent running errands. So much errands that I knocked out at 7PM lol. The real PEARLS business begins today. Stay tuned!

– ChiChai@Empire

Ps. Let Olive, be Olive!

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