Goodbye, SJSU

I didn’t think that I would graduate college.

No, seriously. When I started college, I just wanted to focus on Empire— such a big goal for a freshman naive to the steps to get there.

I love school, don’t get me wrong, but the most stubborn aspect that I infamously have is the constant need to do things my way. My first year grades reflected that poor attitude too. And ironically enough, my major boom roasted me. Suddenly, all the professors seemed to talk about how people are practically slaving themselves around the world in order to send themselves and their kids to school.

Whereas this brat was given the opportunity and was negligent about it.

With that realization, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. How can the classes I take be used for Empire? For Project PEARLS? For life? College not only gave me the resources to build a foundation for my personal goals but it networked me to friendships that would help me do so.

Please don’t take this post as a preach to go to college. I know that college isn’t for everyone (especially in our f’d up system— don’t get me started on that) but what I’m saying is give education a chance. Take advantage of where you can learn and what you can learn. Don’t ever settle and think where you’re at is good enough just because you’re content. Again, college isn’t for everyone. But learning is.

Thank you San Jose State University for ecstatic professors, haunted dorms, decent food, and better yet, a place for everyone (including a lower level for Yu-gi-oh enthusiasts).


goodbye sjsu

– ChiChai@Empire
from the class of 2013

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