Push On

Let me start this post by saying my momma is amazing.

She arrived in the Philippines the day before the typhoon. She was in Manila— don’t worry! Her original intentions for her trip, however, was to be there for the children of her outreach programs in Helping Land, Ulingan, and Bulacan. But with the outcome of the big storm, she knew her trip’s purpose had to extend.

Within two weeks, my momma managed to work with several other communities and organizations to reach out to Tacloban. Project PEARLS put together relief packages and distributed them to the Tacloban families themselves. PEARLS also teamed up with people from all over the world to collect more donations and even Love Letters for the children affected.

My momma’s drive is a push for me to do what I can too. I know I’m not at her level (she’s over 9000) but I wanted to help in ways I know how — networking with people that want to help too, updating the PEARLS website so people know how to help, planning with her via Viber, and in this case… using watercolors and doodles.

The Carabou
The homeland holds on to the strong caraboa to push forward

The Eagle
The Philippine eagle, another animal of strength, begins lifting up the light

These two prints will be available on our online store on “Cyber Monday” so keep your eyes open.

No one link this to my momma. She’s gonna pinch my cheeks for weeks.

– ChiChai@Empire

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