Quite frankly, I’m having a hard time writing this post. From a personal level, becoming a great grand, turning a year older, and attending this annual showcase for a fifth time (as well as vending for a fourth time) all in one is weekend is inconceivable.

I am happy to see Akbayan of SJSU continue to thrive while in the hands of a new generation, however. (Congratulations, Myla!) MaBOOhay is an annual showcase featuring local artists and this year, ooh wee!, the line up was sweet. Dancers? Singers? Poetry? Comedy? Got it!

And for the vendor side, we were neighbors with Know Your Roots, a brand celebrating the Pilipino culture who also happened to table the first time we did too. Here’s Mike from KYR and I catching up three years later.

Aiko, Samantha and I manned the table while Raymond took all the lovely pictures. Christopher was busy being the photographer for the show itself.

We had our fair share of new friends and visits from old ones. We even brought the coloring sheets for extra entertainment (since we couldn’t do much during the performances).

All in all, despite the super senior feeling, I am grateful we had the opportunity to join the never-disappointing entertainment MaBOOhay again.

Big thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and supported! Hope to see you all soon!

– ChiChai@Empire

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